Thousands of dentists have experienced the difference of the Dr Dick Barnes Group.

Dr Anthony Corral

Neptune Beach, Florida
Imagine my surpise when I discovered a sure fire way of getting patients to accept treatment. The methods I was using before only confused patients and left them worrying about cost. Using the techniques taught by Dr. Dick Barnes I am now able to present treatment in terms of value. Patients now see what I can do for them as an investment in themselves rather than an expense to be minimized.

Dr Dan Hillis

Mason, Ohio
When you are doing the same thing that every other dentist in you area is doing, it is hard to stand out. After attending the Full Arch and Implant EZ course, I am able to see advanced treatment oportunites that I didn’t before. This has allowed me to get results for my patients that have made my practice the destination for those looking for outcome base dental care. I have no problem standing out now.