Partnership for Comprehensive Dentistry

Dr. Dick Barnes has long taught that success in dentistry is rarely a solitary endeavor.

In order to provide the comprehensive dentistry that every patient deserves, dentists must seek out partners that enhance their ability to provide quality care. In that spirit, the Dr. Dick Barnes Group and Arrowhead Dental Laboratory have joined forces to create the Partnership for Comprehensive Dentistry. This program allows dentists to experience the power of the Dr. Dick Barnes Group curriculum and the support of a dental laboratory known for its expertise and quality.

How it Works

The Partnership for Comprehensive Dentistry allows dental professionals to register for any of the Dr. Dick Barnes Group seminars and defer payment for 90 days. During that 90 day period, any cases sent to Arrowhead will have 10% of the invoiced value credited towards the seminar tuition.

Arrowhead Dental Laboratory

Arrowhead Dental Laboratory is known the world over for its unsurpassed quality and artistry. Their master technicians have taken the art of dentistry to new heights, and continue to innovate on a level unsurpassed in the industry.


Get Started

To experience the Partnership for Comprehensive Dentistry, register online for a seminar today or call us at 1-800-995-7243.